Joel Carpenter

Art Director - Character Designer - Illustrator

I’m Joel Carpenter a concept artist, comic artist, illustrator and storyboard artist at Headstrong Games, Titan Comics, 2000AD Comics, Rockabox

I have background in traditional art in a variety of forms, from drawing and painting, to print-making and sculpture. I started at a young age, using traditional media such as pencil, oils, watercolor, pastel, printmaking and charcoal. My early subjects were portraits and landscapes. I studied Illustration at Westminster University and started my career with illustrating for books and story board art for television commercials and short films. Over my career, I have moved towards working digitally and and expanded my experience into other areas of commercial art such as concept art, games, comics and graphic design. I still have a passion visual storytelling and like to incorporate a sense of meaning, suggested history or future and atmosphere to my concepts and illustrations to bring characters and environments to life.


Harley Davidson Rockabox Titan Comics Headstrong Games 2000AD Comics


Illustration Storyboarding Character Concept Art Environment Concept Art Digital Painting


Photoshop Illustrator Indesign Unity3D 3ds Max Maya After Effects